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Pr. Stroiteley, 39B
, Russia, 413116

Phone: +7 (8453) 79-52-51, +7 (495) 745-68-57, 745-68-58

Fax: +7 (495) 443-99-94

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The Russian firm of Polyplastic was created in 2000 from the merger of two established research and production companies, Polyplastic and Technopol. Polyplastic is now a leader in the development and manufacture of engineering plastics.

ARMLEN®, ARMAMID®, TECHNAMID®, TECHNOETHER®, TECHNACET® are all registered trademarks well-known to specialists in fields of plastics processing.

A distinctive feature of Polyplastic is the high qualifications of our employees in a variety of areas, including the handling and use of materials in developing new composite materials, as well as the manufacture, processing, and application of these materials in our products.

Our mission is to safely and reliably deliver materials of a necessary level of quality, to render technical support to customers, to react quickly to changes in industry requirements by creating new materials and services, to efficiently utilize the company’s own production capacity and to manage quality to our customers’ satisfaction.

Our values are positive long-term relations with customers and colleagues and the observance of law and of the principles of fair competition. We want to preserve and develop the image of Polyplastic as a stable company, and at the same time as a high-tech commercial organization that can be relied upon to meet challenges.

The purpose of the company’s Management is the commercial and organizational development of Polyplastic, the delivery of high quality materials and providing technical service in such a way that a modern level of polymeric material strength, the company’s professional standards and customers’ demands are all met. The management sees Polyplastic as the leader in the field of supplying engineering thermoplastics throughout Russia and the CIS countries, and carries out scientific research while being constantly innovative.

Basic principles of work:

  • to be of use to the customer
  • to show the customer all possible options for achieving his goals and to recommend solutions
  • to reach the best solution for the customer

    Our company operates according to internal standards developed by management and employees. These standards correspond to the requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation and the rules and practices of business, and have been developed in conformity with a system of quality management in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001.

  • Generic Family Product Brand A family of materials Features Use
    ПА6Armamid PA 6 - 1 APПолиамид ПА 6 (капрон)
    ПА6Armamid PA 6-2EKПолиамид ПА 6 (капрон)
    ПА6Armamid PA SM 15-2Полиамид ПА 6 (капрон)
    ПА6Armamid PA SV 20-3 APПолиамид ПА 6 (капрон)
    ПА6Armamid PA SV 40-1CПолиамид ПА 6 (капрон)
    ПА6Armamid PA SVMN 35-3Полиамид ПА 6 (капрон)
    ППArmlen PP SK 20-5MПолипропилен
    ППArmlen PP SV 30-2TПолипропилен
    ППArmlen PP TM 25-1Полипропилен
    Armoflen PO MNАддитивные (дополняющие) концентраты
    Armoflen PO MN 80-3Аддитивные (дополняющие) концентраты
    Armoflen PS MN 65-1/ PO MN 75-1/ PO MN 75-7Аддитивные (дополняющие) концентраты
    ПВХ-СArmovilПоливинилхлорид суспензионный
    ПА6Technamid B-M20Полиамид ПА 6 (капрон)
    TechnotepСополимеров стирола эластомеры
    ПБТTechnoter A-ODIПолибутилентерефталат
    ПБТTechnoter A-SVM 50Полибутилентерефталат
    ПА66Tehnamid A SV30-LTOПолиамид ПА 66
    ПОМTehnosetПолиоксиметилен (полиацеталь, полиформальдегид)
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