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Plastics products and processing


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The Bytplast Company is a large producer and supplier of an extensive selection of plastic products. Our priority is providing our customers with products which are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, to gracefully solve problems in your household.
We are focused on perfecting our production by optimizing the manufacturing process and setting up efficient cooperation algorithms with our customers.

Our products

We are proud to present over 400 high-quality plastic products, which combine both superior performance and pleasant aesthetics. All of our products pass tests for sanitary-epidemiological and hygienic requirements of the customs union.

All items may be divided into several groups:


High-quality plastic dishes, handy containers for cold-storage and microwave heating, also trays, juice squeezers, containers, bulk stock- and spice-containers. We offer a wide range of contemporary, multi-colored and safe kitchen wares.


Useful, durable and handy items, necessary for everyday life: chests of drawers, racks, tubs, buckets, paper bins, and other items popular among the consumers. For those who appreciate comfort and aim at making cozy home atmosphere.


Multi-colored ergonomic baby baths and pots, capacious toy boxes, racks, and also tables and chairs for babies. Caring parents will certainly appreciate reliability and safety of children wares produced by Plastishka trade mark.


Capacious and durable toolboxes, multipurpose boxes, baskets, organizers and cloth hangers will help to organize storage space efficiently. Articles in this section are designed rationally with high functional qualities.


Items for gardeners: flower pots, garden buckets, bowls and bins. These items combine such qualities as usefulness, rationality and laconic, fine appearance. Plants harmonize with pots shape, and system of low watering provides favorable growth conditions.
Product groups


Interior and furniture parts [ 228 ]
Kitchen articles and tableware [ 108 ]
The goods for children [ 102 ]
Packing and container for foodstuff [ 888 ]
Transport packing and containers rigid [ 205 ]
Utensils household [ 178 ]
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