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SALES on-line : BUY can helps to find or sell plastics production and equipment for minimal time. Production is possible to sell or buy by free-of-charge placed the announcement.

  • Forms of submission of announcements differ for Sellers and for Buyers
  • Special calendar allows to reduce time for viewing not actual announcements.
  • Announcements is possible to sort by kinds of production: "Equipment, Raw material, Goods and Service"
  • With the help of "Search" is possible to overlook all announcements for month.
  • All announcements are kept during 30 days, and then transferred to Archive.
The administration of a site reserves the right to refuse in accommodation and to delete the announcements breaking the following Rules and Recommendations:
  • Contents should correspond to thematic of
  • Announcement with the same contents can place no more an once per day
  • Maximum quantity of symbols of the basic text of 500 marks, is checked automatically
  • Maximum quantity of symbols of headings 100 of marks, is checked automatically
  • Use tags in the text is not supposed
  • Brief and exact headings for the best reaction is recommended
  • Filling all fields of the form is desirable
  • Do not confuse the form of announcements for sellers and buyers
  • For the greatest efficiency place announcements daily
  • Announcement should not be is directed against the third parties and to contain obviously a false information
If your announcement corresponds to subjects of a site, but is blocked, please write us

To place the announcement it is possible from this page:

Add announcement for sale now

Add announcement for buy now

Plastinfo is released from any loss, damage or any responsibility which can arise directly or indirectly at any use of the information contained in announcements.

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