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Messe Dusseldorf Moscow

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Messe Dusseldorf Moscow
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Messe Dьsseldorf GmbH is a major player in the international trade fair arena. Thanks to our far-sighted expansion policy, we currently have a presence in all of the world's growth regions via our 13 subsidiaries and associated companies. We also serve 109 countries through our 66 foreign representative offices.

Our globe-spanning network ensures that fairs made in Dьsseldorf continue to enjoy international success. But our activities worldwide also provide customers with the ideal springboard for doing successful business in tomorrow's markets.

We use all kinds of cross-marketing tools for our trade fairs in Dьsseldorf and abroad - presented in the Internet in the sectors of medicine "Medical Fairs by Messe Dьsseldorf Group & Cooperation Partners " (e.g. MEDICA, rubber and plastics (e.g. K, packaging (e.g. interpack or wiretube (e.g. wire and Tube

This gives you not only a sound basis for business but also an effective communications platform across the globe. What's more, wherever you are in the world you can count on the superior, full-service approach you've come to expect in Dьsseldorf.

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