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Machinery and equipment

Powder Processing

Peter-Doerfler-Strasse, 13-25
, Germany, 86199

Phone: +49 (821) 59-06-0

Fax: 5906-101

HOSOKAWA ALPINE AG <br>Powder Processing
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Division Recycling
Phone: +49 821 5906Ц415
Fax: +49 821 5906Ц630
E-mail: [email protected]

HOSOKAWA MICRON Sankt Petersburg
7th line V. O., 76, letter A, office 619
199178, Saint Petersburg, Russia
“еl: + 7 812 363 16 42
Fax: + 7 812 363 16 42
E-mail: [email protected]

HOSOKAWA ALPINE is one of the leading international manufacturers in blown film technology and powder process technology for almost all industrial sectors. Development, testing, engineering, production and commissioningЧeverything from one source.

The ALPINE test center in Augsburg offers customers unique test facilities for grinding and classification as well as for blown film production. The test center extends over 4 floors with a total area of 3,000 m2. More than 60 machines and complete systems are available.

In 2012, HOSOKAWA ALPINE also opened its branch office in Russia and CIS, HOSOKAWA MICRON Sankt Petersburg.

Recycling & Granulators Division

For recycling tasks ALPINE offers a complete range of granulators for all performance and application ranges. The granulator range includes the Compact product line and the Rotoplex product line with drive ratings of 1.5Ц400 kW.

ALPINE delivers not just the individual machine but plans and manufactures tailored-made complete granulator system with all components.

HOSOKAWA MICRON  Recycling & Granulators Division

NEW! Polyplex PPC

The new shredder-granulator with the distinctive name УPolyplexФmade by HOSOKAWA ALPINE is the innovative solution for the size reduction of plastic materials of any type. ALPINEТs Polyplex shredder-granulator combines a vertically arranged shredder rotor with a granulator rotor.


The machine concept has been adapted to meet customer requirements and was launched on the market as the Polyplex machine Ч and that at an attractive price. In practice, the simultaneous feed of different plastic waste constitutes a considerable advantage: presorting or dosed material feed are now things of the past!

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Granulator Rotoplex

The concept and the sturdy machine design make it ideal for any cuttable material Ч especially if high cutting forces and high throughput rates are required.

HOSOKAWA MICRON Granulator Rotoplex

Х Rotors in patented ALPINE cross-scissor-cut technology
Х Sizes from 15 Ч 500 kW
Х High specific cutting capacity for maximum throughputs
Х Compact design
Х Easy to clean

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Compact-Line CL

This product line is absolutely ideal for the comminution of all kinds of plastics, film and other cuttable products. It is characterized by a modern and user-oriented machine design as the starting point for custom-designed complete systems.


Х Sizes from 30 Ч 500 kW
Х Patented cross-scissor cut
Х Optimal accessibility for quick and easy cleaning
Х Standard wear protection measures
Х Special designs available

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