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, Belarus, 225416

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ATLANT Inc. is a leading company manufacturing consumer equipment for several decades.

The company maintains its leading position through progressive thinking of its experts, timely upgrading and modernization of the production. Every year the company buys high-tech equipment, which requires qualified and professional approach during installation and commissioning works.

Our company has Specialized department of manufacturing equipment assembly for more then 15 years. The department is staffed by highly qualified specialists who can execute works of any complexity.

Specialized department of manufacturing equipment assembly of ATLANT Inc. perfoms the next works:

  • Equipment dismantling
  • Equipment installation
  • Rigging operations
  • Installation supervision
  • Installation of metal structures
  • Construction-and-assembling operations

High level of production and installation work, the use of modern equipment, advanced technologies and skilled personnel allows ATLANT Inc. to offer you qualitative services for dismantling and installation of industrial equipment and associated structures at an affordable price and also to consider the entire complex of construction works.

Will be glad to cooperate with you!

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