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Plastron ТМ

3 Yamskogo polya 2-3 202
, Russia, 125040

Phone: +7 (495) 772-79-89

Plastron ТМ

PLASTRON is a new brand name in the Russian market for auxiliary equipment in plastics industry. The product mix includes the most tried-and-true and efficient solutions from Chinese manufacturers in the mid-range price segment. This brand was created with the sole purpose to sell Chinese auxiliary equipment specifically in the Russian market. Therefore, the needs of Russian clients were taken into account on the very early steps of product development. All the equipment marked with PLASTRON brand is time tested as it is being produced on the renowned plants in China, which fulfill the manufacturing orders for the worldwide-known brands. In this regard PLASTRON has already passed the exam for infallibility on the highly competitive market of Chinese manufacturers. Why would you choose PLASTRON equipment? PLASTRON – is a selection of time-tested solutions from Chinese producers of auxiliary equipment gathered under one brand; PLASTRON – is an up and running supply chain network represented by EASTEX TECHNOLOGIES – an official authorized dealer of the brand in Russia, which is already known to the consumers; PLASTRON – is a constant after-sales service in Russia for reasonable price and best conditions.
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