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Mediakit 2020

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07.02.2020 Borealis launches innovative, ADCA-free compound HE1355 for telecommunications cables
26.09.2019 Evonik launches new polyimide fiber on the market
08.10.2018 Groupe Rocher and Eastman introduce ecodesign collaboration at LUXE PACK Monaco
19.04.2018 FDA Approval for Total Circular Compounds® Containing Recycled HDPE
02.04.2018 Hexcel and Arkema join forces in thermoplastic composite solutions for aerospace
21.03.2018 Lubrizol Inaugurates New Lines in Songjiang to Serve Growing Demand for TPU and Specialty Compounds
14.03.2018 Covestro starts commercial production of composites
20.02.2018 ARLANXEO develops new rubber compound for self-sealing tires
19.02.2018 3-D printing new polyamide 12 powder plant
12.02.2018 New polycarbonate for safe administration of life-saving drugs to patients
31.01.2018 DSM introduces new feel experience for graphic and packaging design via Skins®
17.01.2018 Innovative odor-management for functional polyester textiles: Sanitized® Odoractiv 10 with patented, dual-action technology
07.12.2017 Clariant launches 3D Printing business to provide solutions for the fast-changing Additive Manufacturing market
30.11.2017 G-star raw selects Archroma’s EarthColors for capsule collection of denim jeans
16.11.2017 Evonik opens new membrane production facility in Schörfling
15.11.2017 SABIC Features Multiple New Materials That Demonstrate Commitment to Advancing Additive Manufacturing at Formnext
01.11.2017 Mussels-inspired New Method to Make Flexible Polymers
17.10.2017 PPS: new RadiciGroup engineering plastics
09.10.2017 Bass notes meet sound absorbers
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