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Mediakit 2020

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24.11.2020 Corona pandemic: interplastica and upakovka 2021 in Moscow cancelled
25.06.2020 CHINAPLAS moves to Shenzhen for April 2021 debut
23.03.2020 PLASTPOL - the International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing is held on a new date - from 6 to 9 October 2020
22.10.2019 ArabPlast: be a part of this Mega Event
02.04.2019 5 irresistible highlights! 140 technologies to debut at CHINAPLAS 2019
04.03.2019 The 10 Startups shaking the Composites Industry at JEC World 2019
27.02.2019 JEC Group and EuCIA join forces to promote the composites industry
20.02.2019 CHINAPLAS 2019 Outlining a Bright Future for the Packaging Industry
14.01.2019 Join the worldwide composites community at JEC World 2019 for 3 full days of Business, Innovation & Knowledge
12.11.2018 interplastica 2019 in Moscow continues on Course for Success
31.07.2018 IRANPLAST 2018: Iran – An Important Market for Plastics and Rubber Machines
05.06.2018 Adsale brought 80 exhibitors to join PLAST 2018, organized the largest ever China Pavilion
15.05.2018 Biggest CHINAPLAS in history welcomed 180,701 visitors!
17.04.2018 CHINAPLAS 2018 promotes green, low-carbon-emission, energy efficient buildings
06.04.2018 CHINAPLAS 2018 Press Information
15.03.2018 Join the Bandwagon of Green Efficient Smart Manufacturing
26.02.2018 CHINAPLAS – Automotive Industry’s Door to Lightweight & Green
07.02.2018 A wealth of exciting events at CHINAPLAS 2018
22.11.2017 CHINAPLAS 2018 Paves the Way to Plastics’ Future
04.10.2017 Berlin again takes centre stage for key polymer flooring stakeholders
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