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The safe and clean way to dispose of protective masks

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To protect against COVID 19 infections, the wearing of protective masks is mandatory in Ger- many and many other countries. Reusable masks can be cleaned and disinfected. Disposable masks, on the other hand, are only intended for short-term use and should be visibly collected in set up containers for proper disposal.

Jokey offers standard collection containers for all types of masks in 4 sizes and 2 shapes, even in small purchase quantities.

The standard containers are made of RAL-certified polypropylene recyclates in a grey basic colour, with a printed notice “Collecting container masks” and an easy-to-open and firmly clo- sable lid. Four container sizes 5—10—16 and 30 L in round and rectangular shape are available.

Furthermore, the containers can also be adapted to your individual requirements. The following options are available:

  • in-between sizes possible
  • special colouring in white, red, yellow, orange or blue
  • comfortable flip lid for rectangular 10 and 16 L containers
  • Lid with foamed seal
  • Clinic approval for 30 L container
  • Bag sets for the safe packaging of used masks
  • Individual printing with logo, traceability etc.
Source: Jokey

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