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INEOS Styrolution introduces new NAS XC grades

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INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, today introduces new members of its NAS family of SMMA (styrene methyl methacrylate) materials. NAS transparent copolymers are a premium choice for applications demanding a strong, stiff, water-clear plastic.

NAS XC and NAS XC UV are the latest additions to INEOS Styrolutions NAS portfolio, XC standing for Xtra Clear and XC UV standing for Xtra Clear with enhanced UV stability. The material is designed for applications in need of ultra clarity and very low haze.

Electronics is considered to be the focus industry for NAS XC. Applications like light guide panels (used in TVs, computers, phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices) will benefit tremendously from the product properties.

NAS XC UV provides enhanced UV and high UV colour stability making it an ideal material for exterior and interior applications in the Automotive industry. It may also be used as a co-extruded layer on a different material making it a suitable material for a broad range of household and construction applications, including e.g. shower trays.

James Wang, Regional Industry Lead APAC Electronics & Household, welcomes the new material: With the Electronics industry having a production stronghold in Asia, I expect the new NAS XC to play an important role in this region.

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