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Archroma to introduce new range for high wet-fast color in sportswear

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Archroma, a global leader in color and specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, recently launched at the ITMA exhibition its new Foron SP-WF, a range of high wet-fast disperse dyes for sportswear and active wear applications.

The Foron SP-WF dyes are especially suited for the coloration of polyester fibers and microfibers, and polyester/elastane blends, in exhaustion application.

The Foron SP-WF dyes were developed in compliance with The Archroma Way: safe, efficient, enhanced, its our nature. The approach finds its origin in Archromas deep belief that it is possible to make the textile industry sustainable, economically and ecologically.

The new product is at the core of Archromas Fast Sport, a coloration system for polyester knitted sportswear, providing the best fastness in the shortest possible time with a reduced environmental footprint.

The Foron SP-WF range which includes primary and ternary color grades has been developed to fulfil the high color wet fastness and performance requirements of sportswear manufacturers and brands.

Moreover, the core ternary color grades enable deep shades at lower dyeing temperatures on sensitive polyester/elastane fabrics without causing excessive fiber damage, saving energy resources and meeting the high fastness demand of leading brand companies.

When using Foron SP-WF dyes as part of the Fast Sport system, manufacturers can in many cases have the potential to significantly reduce their consumption of time, energy, chemical, and water, as well as their CO2 emissions.

We see a growing demand for apparel in the sportswear and active wear segment, reinforced with the now installed athleisure trend, says Mark Dohmen, Head of Archromas Competence Center Automotive and Synthetic Dyes. Consumers want deep color that stays put on the fiber and brands are defining their requirements accordingly. With our Foron SP-WF, we can offer to manufacturers of sportswear textiles a solution that combines high levels of wet fastness with high productivity and low resource consumption. Because its our nature!

Foron is a trademark of Archroma registered in many countries.
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Source: Archroma

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