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KRAIBURG TPE, a leading specialist in thermoplastics elastomers compounds, highlights its latest thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds for the consumer and industrial markets at PLASTIMAGEN 2019. The expo will be held from April 2 to 5, 2019, at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City, Mexico (Booth 2543 Hall B).

KRAIBURG TPE KRAIBURG TPE will be at PLASTIMAGEN 2019 to present a series of new product developments that further expand the applications for its high-quality TPE. This years 22th International Plastics Exhibition and Conference represents the largest event for the plastics industry in Mexico and Latin America. PLASTIMAGEN 2019 is the perfect platform to exhibit our latest innovations. said Alberto Oba, KRAIBURG TPE Director in Mexico. We welcome the opportunity not only to network with key OEMs and processors within the industry, but to also present our market-oriented thermoplastic elastomers solutions for all customers to support them achieve their business goals.

Silky Surfaces Applications
For the consumer electronic market, KRAIBURG TPE will exhibit its VS/AD/HM series. The THERMOLAST K compounds offer silky, satin-smooth surfaces with excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, superb processing properties with strong resistance against chemicals tested and used in the consumer electronics industry.

With hardness degrees ranging between 61 and 71 Shore A, the material combines tactile properties such as soft-touch and non-slip grip even at low wall thicknesses. VS/AD/HM compounds also provide superior tensile strength and elongation at break repeated up top.

Ideal applications include wearable accessories, game console controllers, remote controls, protective covers for mobile devices, and cosmetics packaging.

TPEs with Polyamide Adhesion
The AD/PA Series is KRAIBURG TPEs material solution for applications with excellent adhesion to PA (Nylons). The compounds of the THERMOLAST K family are intended primarily for industrial applications such as cable clips, handles for power tools and sealings.

The compounds are characterized by excellent processing behavior and a pleasant surface feel. The AD/PA series fulfils all optimal adhesion properties to PA6, PA6.6 and glass fiber long and hardness ranges of 2580 Shore A.

Compounds with Excellent Compression Set
With AD/PA/CS series, KRAIBURG TPE is reinforcing its portfolio in the industry market segment. The series not only shows optimal adhesion to PA, but also provides outstanding compression set, where material rebound is key in seals. Along with the standard black and natural colors, customer-specific colors are also available.

The TPE compounds of the AD/PA/CS series were developed for industrial applications such as seals, grommets, membranes and fastenings.


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