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SABIC names Amco Polymers, LLC as a distribution partner in North America

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As part of its strategy to foster the additional growth of its Specialties business, and to provide outstanding service to its customers, SABIC has named Amco Polymers, LLC as a third distribution partner in North America, providing SABIC customers with specialty engineering thermoplastics and related services in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Amco Polymers joins Nexeo Solutions, Inc. and Chase Plastic Services, Inc. as authorized distributors of SABICs complete portfolio of specialty materials, including NORYL resins (polyphenylene ether-based materials), ULTEM resins (polyetherimide materials), LNP compounds and the full range of polycarbonate-based high-performance copolymers.

We are delighted to welcome Amco Polymers to the team, as we seek to further expand our ability to deliver high-performance solutions, along with outstanding service, to our Specialties customers in North America, said Cathie Hess, director, Customer Fulfillment, SABIC. Amco Polymers extensive knowledge of specialty plastics, together with their application development expertise, and a culture focused on delivering peace of mind to their customers make Amco Polymers an excellent fit with SABIC and, most importantly, our customers.

In addition, Hess noted that Amco Polymers strong solution development mindset, coupled with technical expertise, particularly in industries of focus for SABICs Specialties business, were critical factors in the decision to add Amco Polymers as a distribution partner.

Amco Polymers has represented SABICs Petrochemicals business since 2014, and will continue to provide SABICs portfolio of filled polypropylene materials, in addition to now distributing SABICs portfolio of specialty materials.

We are excited to establish a partnership with SABICs Specialties business and promote products that are the hallmark of our industry, said Kevin Wettstein, vice president and general manager of Amco Polymers. Customers need suppliers who help them innovate and compete. They need flexibility and reliability to help them navigate ever-changing demands. Amco Polymers is committed to providing solutions that help to accelerate our customers growth and adding SABICs specialties materials to our portfolio further strengthens our ability to do just that.

Amco Polymers is headquartered in Orlando, Fla., and has a network of more than 200 distribution centers and warehouses in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Their representatives will begin serving SABIC customers during Q1 2019, with a primary focus on initial introductions and orientation to programs in progress with select SABIC customers. Amco Polymers representatives will also have access to the full range of SABICs global application design and testing resources to support their relationships with SABIC customers.

Source: SABIC

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