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KRAIBURG TPE Soft-touch TPEs for Automotive Roller Shutters

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Automotive roller shutters for interior vehicle applications are increasing demand for soft-touch thermoplastic elastomers. In addition to the exceptionally satin-smooth and velvety surfaces, rolling covers require superior scratch resistance and optimal UV endurance. To respond to the needs of these type of applications, KRAIBURG TPE offers its series VS/AD/HM from THERMOLAST K.

In specific instances, OEMs originally designed and prototyped rolling covers using TPU materials. Even though the material passed the scratch resistance test, the UV and chemical resistance assessments failed the validation protocols. KRAIBURG TPE offered the customer the VS/AD/HM series as the perfect material solution. These compounds offer not only high scratch and abrasion resistance, they also provide good chemical compatibility and UV-stability.

The innovative TPE compounds address particular market and customer challenges, including highly efficient injection molding properties such as excellent flow for high injection rates and short cycle times, which in turn helps to reduce overall part cost. In addition, they demonstrate superior adhesion to polar thermoplastics in two-component applications not only with PC, ABS, PC/ABS blends, PU, ASA and SAN, but also with PA12 und PA6.

The VS/AD/HM series offers a Shore A hardness in the range of 60 to 80 with tensile strength up to 15 MPa and tear strength up to 30 N/mm.

Matching the exact OEM color and keeping this color over lifetime are key points in interior applications especially in the highly visible center console area. KRAIBURG TPEs VS/AD/HM series offers optimal mechanical properties making it an excellent choice for automotive interior and consumer electronics applications.

KRAIBURG TPE soft-touch compounds open a window of possibilities for the automotive interior segment. Our innovative material has the capabilities of achieving the customers goals through our full range of expertise, technical service and outstanding customer service explains Alberto Oba, Director of KRAIBURG TPE Mexico.

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