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Manufacturing Upgrade – The capacity of Yizumi’s die casting machines has surpassed 1 billion

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New energy vehicles and the 5G era will become a reality in a nearfuture. The mass production of large die casting structural parts will be faced with abundant development opportunities accordingly. Whoever is the first tocomplete the entire industry chain, it will enjoy the first-mover advantage in the next phase of economic development. The demand for heavy weight die casting machines in the die casting industry is expected to grow rapidly as a result.

In 2017, the sales of Yizumi’s heavy duty die casting machines(1000T and above) had significantly shot up, representing nearly 50% of its die casting business revenue. In the heavy duty die casting workshops, Yizumi have succeeded to manufacture die casting machines of 1000T to 4500T. To ride on the approaching wave of development, Yizumi has further enhanced its product quality. This year, it has added several equipment such as an imported five face machining center and three sets of PAMA table type boring and milling machining centers, which have been successively launched into service. The position and dimension of each hole on the plates, brackets and guide rails are all completed by one-time machining ensuring the machining precision and quality of the key parts.

With the increasing of output, there is an urgent need for Yizumi to have a more comprehensive operational management to ensure productivity. In the earlier few years, Yizumi has realized the need to refer to modular production in the automobile industry. In addition to the optimization of the whole product design, the modular production also enables the reorganization of the entire work flow. Capitalizing on a modular, universal and standardized product design and manufacturing, on top of maintaining a broader universality of the product, it also delivers a wide variety of product configuration at the same time, satisfying the customized needs of the customers.

Deputy General Manager of Yizumi’s Die Casting Business Division,Mr. Li Qianhu said, “This type of flexible manufacturing based on purchase orders allows each and every independently assembled part to undergo inspection and troubleshooting in advance, ensuring the product quality and shortening the production cycle of the products.” To date, Yizumi has tasted some preliminary achievements in its small and medium die casting machines. The final assembly cycle has been shortened; a small machine has only required less than 12 days to complete the assembly, troubleshooting and warehousing; a medium machine has only required less than 15 days to complete the assembly, troubleshooting and warehousing. In the next step, Yizumi will be going to complete the optimization of the manufacturing of heavy duty machines.

At the same time, to satisfy the capacity requirement, Yizumi has begun adjusting its production layout in 2018. In the beginning of the year,its high-speed packaging machine division has relocated to the production base in Wusha; its die casting machine workshop area has expanded another 5,000 square meters. At the end of the year, the rubber machine division will be relocating to make way for the production of die casting machines. As a result,the workshop areas for die casting machines is going to be increased to 100,000 square meters and its capacity will surpass CNY 1 billion. Mr. Li Qianhu expressed that the over-saturation of orders last year had brought about greater pressure to the production of the company. When the capacity has expanded this year, the output of the heavy duty die casting machines will also double. Furthermore, Suzhou Robotic Automation Co., Ltd will be relocated to a new factory with an expanded capacity. It will fully satisfy the future needs for robotic automation solutions for the heavy duty die casting machines. "From manufacturing, quality, operation, capacity layout to the automated solutions,Yizumi is all ready to usher in the next wave of development in new energy vehicles and 5G telecommunications.

Source: Yizumi

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