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Honest. Real. Authentic. Millikens ColorDirection 2019 foresees key trends in palette preferences

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Color can excite. Color can calm. Color can reassure. Color can provide identity. Color is a force to be reckoned with.

Brands and product designers understand the power of color for branding, differentiation, personalization, highlighting and marketing. But trends and consumer preferences change, and its important to keep pace.

Milliken keeps a finger on the pulse of key trends, and its newly released ColorDirection 2019 is a prediction of the color palette its experts see emerging in the consumer space next year.

After an extended phase exposed to high-contrast colors, Milliken expects consumer preferences to shift firmly away from the artificial. 2019 will see honest colors that are bright yet as real as possible or, in a word, authentic. Next year, we foresee the vibrant shock of todays bold primary palette paling in the eyes of consumers.

Millikens portfolio of ClearTint, Reactint and Liquitint colorants can deliver the colors that consumers favor:

ClearTint: Color can turn an ordinary polypropylene product into something special. ClearTint Colorants for NX UltraClear Polypropylene offer the clearest and brightest colors for transparent polypropylene. ClearTint can be used to achieve deep, rich shades. ClearTint colors enhance aesthetics while maintaining the glass clarity look of Millad NX 8000 clarified polypropylene.

Reactint: Reactint polymeric colorants were invented by Milliken and specifically designed for coloring polyurethane and other thermoset resins. These reactive polymeric colorants consist of chromophores that are chemically bound to polyols. This innovative colorant actually reacts into the polyurethane polymer matrix. Unlike pigment pastes, which are dispersions of solid particles in a liquid carrier, Reactint colorants are 100% homogeneous liquids that are soluble in polyol and will not settle over time, preserving ultimate quality.

Liquitint: Liquitint polymeric colorants are water-soluble, non-staining colorants used in laundry detergents, household cleaners, fabric softeners, and other household and industrial products. Liquitint colorants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a product, they can also indicate where and how much product has been applied, and whether or not a product is working.

Liquitint Agro: This range of non-staining liquid colorants represents a major breakthrough to support the use of color within the agricultural sector. Developed by Milliken, Liquitint Agro colorants are literally in a class of their own as the technology is neither a traditional pigment nor dye. Instead, it is a unique liquid colorant technology which exhibits non-staining characteristics. It offers many interesting benefits for fertilizer manufacturers and their customers.

Tap into the power of color for 2019, let Milliken take you on an Authentic Voyage. For more details and information please contact us @

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