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WITTMANN continues its growth in 2017

 |  Subj: Opening and expansion

In 2017, the WITTMANN Group realized 403 million Euros in sales and thus once more fully reached the target it had set itself for last year. According to Michael Wittmann, CEO of WITTMANN Kunststoffgeräte GmbH, this increase of more than
7 % over 2016 is very satisfactory. The groups workforce has also continued to grow and currently stands at 2,300 persons employed worldwide. With an exceptionally high order intake during the second half of 2017  and the best first quarter in corporate history!  the order books are filled to the brim for 2018.

To meet the market demand in the machine sector, the WITTMANN Group has significantly extended its Kottingbrunn facility. In 2017/2018, the production floor space was increased by 2,200 m². New buildings were also constructed to provide a large amount of additional space for the administration. Moreover, a new technical lab for product development is under construction on the WITTMANN BATTENFELD grounds in Kottingbrunn. This building is expected to be completed before the end of 2018.

On June 13 and 14 of this year, WITTMANN BATTENFELD will celebrate its 10th anniversary as an integral part of the WITTMANN Group. As part of the festivities scheduled for this occasion, not only a large number of interesting exhibits will be presented to the companys customers and business partners, but also the latest extension buildings. In this connection, the guests will also be able to witness the recently implemented optimizations in the assembly procedures.

In addition to the extensions at Kottingbrunn, the facilities of WITTMANN Robot Systeme in Nuremberg and WITTMANN BATTENFELD CZ in the Czech Republic are also being further expanded. Completion of the construction work in both cases is expected by the end of May. Moreover, the subsidiaries in Mexico and Italy are being extended as well. With all of these measures, the WITTMANN Group is creating additional operating space totaling 3,600 m², which will be used for further expansion of the automation sector and more sales and service activities. Finally, the construction of a large new building will start in France in the near future. The extensions to the WITTMANN robot production plants in Vienna and Mosonmagyaróvár / Hungary were already completed successfully in 2017, with the result that WITTMANN now has a total annual production capacity of 5,000 robots from these two facilities taken together.

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