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The Polyurethanes and Performance Products divisions of Huntsman will return to Maastricht in May for UTECH Europe with the companys largest ever exhibition stand at the show. Huntsmans booth will showcase the companys latest polyurethane innovations for automotive, construction and footwear applications including the latest low emission sustainable car seat technology. Visitors to UTECH Europe will also have the chance to meet associates from Huntsmans expanding, global, systems house network.

At this years UTECH Europe, seven of Huntsmans systems houses will exhibit together for the first time including: HAPC (Saudi Arabia); Huntsman EMA (Turkey); Huntsman Gomet (Italy); Huntsman IFS (England); Huntsman NMG (Russia); Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri (Italy); and Huntsman PUR-Systems (Germany). Individually, many of Huntsmans systems houses are world leading in their own right, offering a rich mix of unique products and services. Together, and with the chemical expertise of Huntsman, they make up a total innovation network that can meet the needs of customers, wherever they are based, and whatever their polyurethane requirements.

During UTECH Europe, Huntsman associates will also demonstrate their knowledge and expertise via a series of technical papers at the show conference. On day one, Kristof Dedecker, Innovation Manager, will give a paper on PIR panel production, explaining how new polyol technologies can help panel producers ensure consistent foam processing, higher line speeds and better all-round performance. Later that day, Application Specialist, Geert Dries, will talk about the emergence of low emission polyurethane catalysts and how they can help flexible foam producers meet and exceed increasingly stringent environmental and safety standards

On day two, Bart Vangrimde, Technical Manager Composites, will kick off the conferences automotive session with a talk about snap cure resins and how they can help improve advanced part design and process engineering. Then, in the afternoon, Johan Peters, Account Manager Acoustics and NVH Global, will give a presentation on acoustic comfort enhancement in automobiles.
Source: Huntsman

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