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Reliable marking of leak-proof lines for automotive air conditioning systems

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Re-sealable, dirt-repellant, air-permeable: intelligent protective films often have to perform several functions at once. Schreiner ProTech has developed a special solution for a renowned biotech company. It prevents the covers of boxes containing plastic tubes from bursting while being shipped aboard aircraft. The innovative cover also protects the sensitive tubes from dust and dirt.

Air pressure in the cargo compartments of aircraft drops during the flight, which causes the packaging to expand and burst. When shipping plastic tubes the ingress of dirt into the blister packs must be prevented. Therefore, Schreiner ProTech has developed a special breathable yet dust-proof cover solution. The special film, which is also used in the automotive industry to seal airbag modules, is extremely tear-resistant, protects against very small dirt particles and is air-permeable. To allow the protective film to be opened and resealed several times to pick tubes from the pack, the edge of the film is coated with a special removable adhesive.

The customer attaches the protective film to the covers in its own packaging line in clean room conditions. The fully automated process of sealing the blisters assures reliability. Thanks to the ventilation function of the protective film the blister packs remainundamaged during the flight and the hygienic handling of the tubes is guaranteed.

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