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28 Mar - 30 Mar 2023  Russia, Moscow
POLYURETHANEX 2023: 14th Ådition of the International Specialized Exhibition on raw materials, equipment and technologies for polyurethane producing

POLYURETHANEX 2023: 14th Ådition of the International Specialized Exhibition on raw materials, equipment and technologies for polyurethane producing


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Over recent years of polyurethane materials’ implementing has consistently been picked up steam in different industries all over the world. From tiny medical devices to the roof insulation of the highest skyscrapers, polyurethane-based product applications are wide and varied. This diversity gives the industry considerable resilience so that, even after the economic circumstances of the past few years, growth is already resuming.

Polyurethanex is the unique international specialized exhibition event in Russia dedicated to polyurethane materials and equipment being a current reflection of achievements in sphere of materials technology, assisting exhibitors in establishing new business contacts and partner relations.

Polyturethanex is held in the end of February at the leading exhibition centre of Moscow - Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

The event purpose is defined by three components:

  • Industrial and Economic Relations' Development;
  • Scientific and Technical Information Exchange;
  • Wide introduction and application of innovative technologies of polyurethanes manufacturing and introduction.

General Exhibition Subjects: 
Raw Materials for Polyurethane Manufacturing: 
- Polyurethane additives, colorants, fillers 
- Catalysts and surfactants for all types of flexible, rigid, and microcellular foams 
- Curatives for polyurethane coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers 
- Polyols, Isocyanates, Flame retardants, Flexible facings for PUR/PIR panels, Pourable compounds, Casting resins 
- PU systems, Stabilisers, Release agents, System house & blowing agents 
PU machines and equipment: 
- Flow measurement, Gear pumps, Screw pumps, Transfer gear pumps 
- High pressure heat exchangers and static mixers 
- High & Low pressure metering and mixing machines 
- Processing machines; PU processing machinery, plants & moulds 
- Plants construction 
Testing equipment: Flow meters 
End products: Contract gasketing, Filters 

Special section: Adhesives & Sealants 
- Raw materials and components for adhesives and sealants manufacturing 
- Technologies of adhesive materials producing 
- Sealing and adhesive compounds: melt adhesives, polyurethane adhesives, hybrid sealants, epoxy adhesives, constructive adhesives, etc. 
- Packing and storing 
- Tooling for adhesion and sealing 
- Adhesion and sealing technologies 
- Pretreatment of surfaces for adhesion 
- Certification and quality monitoring


Pavilion 1, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia


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