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14 Sep - 16 Sep 2021  Russia, Moscow
TECHTEXTIL RUSSIA: International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles, Nonwovens and Protective Clothing

TECHTEXTIL RUSSIA: International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles, Nonwovens and Protective Clothing


Messe Frankfurt


Forámore than 10áyears, TechtextiláRussia has been proving its value foráinternationaláspecialists ofátheáindustry andáimproving its quality factors.
TechtextiláRussia includes 12áareas ofáapplication foráallámodern technicalátextiles andátextile technologies. This is why industry professionals choose TechtextiláRussia.
Participate ináTechtextiláRussiaጠbe ahead ofátime!

Product groups
TheáTechtextiláproduct groups represent theáentire spectrumáofátechnicalátextiles andánonwovens.

1. Research, development, planning andáconsultancy
Internationaláinstitutes, government research institutes, universities, polytechnics, industrialáresearch centres, planning andáconsultancy firms Importers, wholesalers, distributors

2. Technology, processes andáaccessories
Production processes; Finishing technology; Machinery foráfabric manufacturing; Coating equipment; Laminating andácoating equipment; Bonding andáseparating technology; CMT (Cutting, Making,Trimming); Other machinery andáequipments; Controláandámonitoring methods; Purification andáregeneration technology; CAD/CAM, Software; Recycling technology; Technicaláaccessories; Laboratory andámeasuring equipment; Quality assurance; Nanotechnology; Microsystems technology; Textile Care; Making-upáProcesses andáMachinery; Disposalátechnology

3. Fibres andáyarns

4. Wovens, scrims, braids andáknitted fabrics
Tapes, string, cords, belts, ropes, cordage, nets

5. Nonwovens

6. Coated textiles
Laminated textiles, tent/canvas materials, packaging materials, sacking, tarpaulin fabrics, awning materials, coverings, accessories

7. Composites
Reinforcing textiles, composite textiles, prepregs, structuralácomponents andámouldings, fibrereinforced materials, membrane systems, films andásheeting, textile reinforced plastic andáconcrete parts, piping andácontainers, textile sheet products forálaminating onto solids sucháasámetal, plastic oráglass

8. Bondtec (Surface andábonding techniques)
Finishing processes, adhesive, sealing andámoulding materials, laminating andácoating materials, raw materials andáadditives, application processing, materialápretreatment, plastics andáother hardening masses, adhesive mixing andáapplication equipment, robot technologies, surface treatment technologies, plasma treatment, flocking

9. Specialáandáprotective clothing

10. Means ofáindividualáprotection

11. Associations

12. Publishers

Techtextiláapplication areas:
Agrotech: agriculture, forestry, horticulture, landscape gardening
Target groups: agriculturaláengineers, landscape architects, agriculturaláinstitutions andálarge-scale organisations

Buildetch: membrane construction, lightweight and, solid structures, earthworks, hydraulic engineering and, road construction
Target groups: architects, construction engineers, building sponsors, investors

Clothtech: shoe andáclothing manufacture
Target groups: fashion designers, developers, shoe andáclothing manufacturers

Geotech: road construction, civiláengineering, damáandáwaste site, construction
Target groups: road andáciviláengineers, construction companies, public authorities andálocalágovernment

Hometech: manufacture ofáfurniture, upholstery, floor coverings andácarpets
Target groups: furniture producers, interior designers, project planners andáarchitects

Indutech: mechanicaláengineering, chemicaláindustry
Target groups: users, designers, processors fromátheámechanicalengineering, chemicaláandáelectricaláindustries

Medtech: medicaláandáhygiene products
Target groups: manufacturers ofámedicalásupplies, research institutions, hospitals

Mobiltech: ship andáaircraft construction, automobile construction, railway andáspace travel
Traget groups: constructors, designers, engineers, suppliers

Oekotech: environmenaláprotection, waste disposal, recycling
Target groups: environmentaláprotection engineers, safety engineers, employees ofáenvironmentaláprotection agencies

Packtech: packaging, covering andátransportation ofátheáwidest possible array ofágoods
Target groups: shipping andálogistics companies, developers, designers andábuyers fromáindustry andádistributive trades

Protech: personaláandáproperty protection
Target groups: safety engineers, manufacturers ofáprotective clothing, safety offices

Sporttech: sport andáleisure
Target groups: designers, outfitters andámanufacturers ofásports articles andáoutdoor equipment


  • TheáMinistry ofáIndustry andáTrade ofáRussia
  • TheáChamber ofáCommerce andáIndustry ofáRussia (RCCI)
  • FederaláMinistry ofáEconomics andáTechnology (BMWi)
  • TheáAssociation ofátheáGerman Trade Fair Industry (AUMA)
  • German engeeniring Federation (VDMA)
  • TheáConfederation ofátheáGerman Textile andáFashion Industry (Gesamtverband textil+mode)
  • Italian association (TexáClub Tec)
  • Association ofáTextiles-Clothing-Leather Industry (ATOK)
  • Federation ofátheátextile, wood andáfurniture industries (Fedustria)
  • TheáFrench Agency foráInternationaláBusiness Development (Business France)
  • TheáInternationaláTextile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF)
  • Union ofácomposites manufacturers (UNCM)
  • RussiaŚEurope textile alliance (RETA)
  • German Russian network TechnicaláTextiles (German Russian Network)
  • VeredlungጠGarneጠGewerbeጠTechnische Textilien e. V. (IVGT)
  • theáUnion ofámanufactures ofánonwoven materials (R.áI.áT.áM.)
  • European TechnicaláTextiles Club (ETT Club)
  • TheáEuropean AppareláandáTextile Confederation (Euratex)
  • Publishing house ôRussian trade Marksö (
  • JP InternationaláIndustrialáConsulting


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