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02 Dec - 04 Dec 2020  Japan, Tokyo
PLASTIC JAPAN 2020: 9-th Highly-functional Plastic Expo

PLASTIC JAPAN 2020: 9-th Highly-functional Plastic Expo


Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd


PLASTIC JAPAN is a comprehensive show that gathers all the raw materials for highly-functional plastics and the world's highest plastic-related technologies.

The show provides you great opportunities to meet decision makers from EV & HEV, Smartphone, FPD, photovoltaic, LED, medical instrument, aircraft manufacturers and more.

Exhibit Profile

Raw Materials/Additives
Х Functional Materials
Х Laminations/Coating Agents
Х Fillers
Х Adhesion Materials
Х Other Compounding Materials etc. Х Resin Compounds
Х Colourant
Х Stabilizers
Х Antistatic Materials

Polymerizing/Compounding Equipment
Х Polymerizing Equipment
Х Kneading Machines
Х Air Compressors
Х Cooling Machines
Х Rolling Machines
Х Compounding Equipment
Х Mixers/Agitators
Х Gauges/Automatic Gauging Systems
Х Extruders
Х Granulating Machines etc.

Forming/Processing Equipment
Х Injection Machines
Х Calendaring Equipment
Х Powder Molding Machines
Х Transfer Molding Machines
Х In-mold Adhesion Technologies etc.
Х Blow Molding Machines
Х Maturing Molding Machines
Х FRP Molding Machines
Х Composition Molding Technologies

Components/Peripheral Devices
Х Supply Systems
Х Cylinders/Barrels
Х Heaters
Х Hydraulic Equipment/Pneumatic Equipment
Х Bulbs/Couplings/Pumps
Х Screws
Х Branches
Х Filters etc.

Molds/Mold-related Products
Х Molds
Х Mold Processing Machines
Х Hot Runners
Х Mold Lubricants
Х Mold Materials
Х Design Analyzers
Х Thermal Modulation Systems
Х Abrasive Compounds etc.

Secondary Processing Technologies
Х Welding Technologies
Х Plate Processing Technologies
Х Cutting/Punching Technologies
Х Fastening Technologies etc.
Х Surface Decorative Technologies
Х Surface Functionalize Technologies
Х Heat Processing Technologies

Recycling Technologies
Х Plastic Recycling Machines
Х Reclaimed Resins
Х Mesh Pallets
Х Dehydrators etc.
Х Discarded Plastic Crushers
Х Gauges
Х Screeners

Inspections/Measurements/Assessments/Test Equipment
Х Thermometers
Х Viscometers
Х Attrition/Fatigue Testing Machines
Х Appearance Testers
Х Thickness Gauges
Х Jerk Testing Machines
Х Rigidometers
Х Microscopes etc.

Visitor Profile
Х EV&HEV, Automotive Parts Manufacturers
Х FPD Manufacturers
Х Photovoltaic Manufacturers
Х Aircraft Manufacturers
Х Electronic Component Manufacturers
Х Smartphone/Tablet PC Manufacturers
Х LED Manufacturers
Х Medical Instrument Manufacturers
Х Electronic Device Manufacturers
Х Highly-functional-plastic Processors etc.


Makuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, 261-8550 Japan


Fax: +81-3-3349-8530

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