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 EVENTSEVENTS. INTELLTECHEXPO 2019 - International exhibition of high-efficiency equipment and technologies for re-equipment of enterprises of the military-industrial complex
25 Jun - 30 Jun 2019  Russia, Kubinka  
INTELLTECHEXPO 2019 - International exhibition of high-efficiency equipment and technologies for re-equipment of enterprises of the military-industrial complex

INTELLTECHEXPO 2019 - International exhibition of high-efficiency equipment and technologies for re-equipment of enterprises of the military-industrial complex


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The goals of the exhibition:
promote the development and progress monitoring of government programs aimed to ensure defense industry development;
assist in meeting defense industrys needs for modern high-tech equipment, technologies, materials and components;
promote resource-saving and environmentally friendly technologies, scientific and technological development and re-equipment of production, research, laboratory and testing facilities of domestic defense industry;
facilitate the creation of a social, economic, technological and political environment in the Russian Federation conducive to the dynamic development of the domestic defense industry;
promote the investment, innovation and venture capital activity in the interests of the Russian defense industry enterprises, as well as ensure the development and implementation of projects and programs aimed at defense industry growth.
foster professional development of managerial and technical personnel, the formation of a modern training and education system and the restoration of continuity of core personnel;
support the state youth policy in the field of technical education and training of skilled workers and engineering personnel.

The objectives of the exhibition
present new technologies, materials and achievements of other sciences and industries to introduce them into production at defense industry enterprises;
promote the participation of foreign companies and organizations whose products and services may be in demand among domestic defense enterprises;
ensure the participation of Russian Ministry of Defenses research and production companies;
ensure that management, core specialists and engineering personnel of defense enterprises visit the exhibition;
ensure the participation of young specialists in the events at the exhibition.

Thematic sections
Equipment, tools and tooling for re-equipment of enterprises
Metal working equipment;
Press-forging equipment;
Foundry equipment;
Welding equipment;
Tooling, fixtures and fittings;
Surface treatment and coating equipment, tools, materials and technologies;
Repair and modernization of process equipment, spare parts and services.

Automation of production. Robotic production facilities:
Factory automation;
Process automation;
Building automation;
On-board and embedded systems;
Pneumatic and hydraulic control systems and equipment;
Information and computer technologies in industry;
Robotics and mechatronics.

Test, measuring and diagnostic equipment:
Environmental test equipment;
Mechanical test equipment;
Non-destructive testing equipment;
Calibration equipment;
Production control equipment;
Industrial diagnostic equipment;
Laboratory control equipment.

Metals and their alloys;
Powder materials;
Non-metallic materials: polymers, plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, rubber;
Composite materials;
Nanomaterials and nanotechnology;
Industrial oils, lubricants and fuels.

Electronic components and modules:
Semiconductor devices;
Active components;
Passive components;
Radio and microwave components;
Transducers, sensors and nondestructive inspection aids;
Power supplies;
CAM components;
DSP components;
Transformers and ferromagnetic components;
Electromechanical components.

Additive technologies:
Additive manufacturing;
Industrial 3D printers;
3D scanning;
3D prototyping;
Materials for production.

Self-contained and backup power supply systems;
Advanced power generation sources;
Energy storage systems;
Smart grid technologies;
Hydrogen energy;
Superconductivity technology;
Cyber security of power supply systems;
AC/DC power supply systems;
Electrical equipment;
Electric transport and infrastructure;
Power electronics. Power converters;
Primary and secondary switching equipment;
Transformer equipment;
Overhead and underground (cable) power transmission lines;
Situation and analytical support of grid management and simulation

Building technologies:
Building materials;

Industrial design
Personnel training

Congress program
Plenary session topics:
Priority growth strategy for defense industry is the backbone for building the national technological base.
Defense-industrial complex as the driver of economic growth in the Russian Federation

Section topics:
Particularities of implementing activities under the 2011-2020 Federal Defense-Industrial Complex Development Target Progra;
Industrial facilities management: design, construction and operation;
Energy conservation and energy efficiency: sustainable solutions for defense industry;
Emerging technologies and development of high-tech science-intensive equipment for machine tool industry in the interests of the defense-industrial complex;
Industrial automation and problems of import substitution;
Modern electronic components for providing AMSE development, modernization, operation and repair;
Composite and polymer materials for providing AMSE development, modernization and repair.


Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre with the Military and Patriotic Park of Recreation and Leisure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Kubinka, Moscow region)


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