Mediakit 2019

18 Feb - 20 Feb 2019  Russia, Moscow  

"Polycondensation processes and polymers": I Korshakov All-Russian conference with international participation


INEOS RAS named after A.N. Nesmeyanov


INEOS RAS them. A.áNesmeyanova invites you toátake part inátheáIáKorshakováAll-Russian conference witháinternationaláparticipation ôPolycondensation processes andápolymersö, which willábe held February 18ľ20, 2019áináMoscow.

Theáconference programáprovides foráplenary reports ofáleading Russian andáforeign scientists who are actively working inátheáfield ofápolymer synthesis, studying their structure andáproperties, oraláreports ofáspecialists, andáposter sessions.

Theámain thematic areas ofátheáconference:
New monomers andámethods forátheásynthesis ofácondensation polymers;
Structure, properties andáprocessing ofácondensation polymers;
Fibers, binders, coatings andácomposite materials based onácondensation polymers;
Multiscale modeling andáprediction ofáproperties ofápolymers andácomposite materials.
Conference working languages: Russian andáEnglish.

Abstracts ofáreports are accepted atátheáconference e-mailáaddress untiláJanuary 25, 2019.


Conference hall of INEOS RAS, Moscow, st. Vavilova, d.28


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