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 INFORMATIONPLASTINFO : INFORMATION to collect the extensive research, help and cognitive information which will cover comprehensively all branches with processing polymers, plastics, polyurethanes and rubbers.

Now is possible to search for the information in the sections:


The section contains marketing reports and the researches to various aspects of branch. Reports are given by various agencies, both for a payment, and in an easy approach. Here always it is possible to order necessary research to offer the information or to receive consultation. With any questions according to marketing researches please write here.


You can find the information of the nearest, past and future meetings, exhibitions and conferences. The information helps to plan business trip and as in time to send the form for participation.

The contact data the organizers of events in branch of processing of polymers, plastics and rubber are free-of-charge placed.


The latest Russian and world branch news about development, presentations of new books, actual commercial information, digests and press releases.

We'll free-of-charge place the news of your company and branch. Please send news which can contain a trade mark and other images appropriate to the contents. After preliminary check, news will be published on the first page Russian and English site. To send news is possible from here. dynamically updated base and freely available for Russian and English speaking Internet community.

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