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3-3-2 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku
, Japan, 152303

Phone: 03-3249-4666

Fax: 03-3249-4744

<p>Kureha is a leading diversified chemical products manufacturer. Over 70 years, we have applied our technological expertise to create numerous original products in fields including advanced products, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and packaging materials.<br> Kureha operates under a broad vision encompassing industry-wide issues and developments, while at the same time using highly specialized expertise to develop cutting-edge products. Our growth and development has come exclusively from innovative products that were developed in-house, rather than through outside technology.</p> <p>A good example of Kureha’s culture of in-house research and product development is polyvinylidene chloride resin, which is used as plastic food wrap. This was developed by Kureha soon after World War II using chlorine, a byproduct of caustic soda. With a corporate culture emphasizing “developing original technologies to meet society’s future needs,” the development of polyvinylidene chloride resin was the first Kureha R&D effort done without reliance on overseas technology.</p>
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