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Suppliers Guide

Suppliers Guide contains about 1500 types of plastic materials, specialized equipment for primary and secondary processing of polymers, finished plastics and semi finished items as well as auxiliary goods and services. It can easy find of companies which are offering this products or services in Russia and other countries.

Choice 1 (Free registration)

1. Company name
2. Complete address
3. Complete phone- and fax-number
4. Describing production in accordance to PlastInfo Classifier
(up to 3 products)

* WWW and eMail-address not displayed
Free of charge
(up to 3 products)

Choice 2 (Extended Registration)

1. Company name and company logo
2. Brief summary about the company
3. Image (production, manufacture etc.)
4. Price-list
5. Description (production, process etc.)
6. Complete address
7. Complete phone- and fax-number
8. Two contact-person
9. www and e-mail address
10. News of company
11.Describing production in accordance to PlastInfo Classifier
(up to 20 products)

Translation of the information into Russian - free-of-charge
The company is marked by a symbol гарантируем достоверность данных - checked up by Plastinfo

- and much more
EUR 150, - per month
(up to 20 products)
Minimum term: 1 year

Banner advertising in specific categories

EUR 2500, - per month
EUR 1500, - per month
EUR 1000, - per month

- and much more

* prices are specified, at payment for the period of 1 year, for banner in size 120x60 pixel
* minimum term: 3 month

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