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Molecor Tecnologia S.L

2, Canada de los Molinos
, Spain, 28906

Phone: +34 902 566 577
Fax: +34 911 337 090
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Molecor Tecnologia S.L

Molecor is a pioneer company specialized in the development of the latest technology applying molecular orientation to pipeline solutions with astonishing mechanical properties. Founded in 2006 by highly skilled engineers in this field, with a proven experience in the plastic pipe division, this revolutionary developed process provides reliable and user friendly systems that widen the pipe global business possibilities. Our workforce is a highly qualified team. More than half of them are engineers specialized in a range of technological areas, being our most valuable asset and the driving force behind our continuous research and development. Molecor activity is developed in two divisions, Molecor Tech and Molecor Canalizaciones, with an effective connection which results in mutual benefits. The capability of simultaneous engineering with our customers allows us to accelerate the “time to market” for our new product design and developments. As a result of this effort, our products have surpassed the most demanding implemented tests and are able to provide a longer working life under the most extreme conditions.
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