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France has always been aáreference market foráST BLOW MOULDING which has more than 70áblow moulding machines installed overátheáAlps.

Theálatest sale concerns aátoy manufacturing giant: theácompany SMOBY TOYS, leader ináFrance andápart ofátheáGerman group SIMBA DICKIE, which has bought four ST machines fromátheáISIT series andátwo willábe delivered toátheáGerman parent company.

Theáblow moulding machines foráFrance range fromátheáISIT 400 (400ákN clamping force andá5ált accumulator head) upátoátheáISIT 1300 (2000ákN clamping force andá30ált capacity). Two ofáthese machines (ISIT 800áandáISIT 1300) are equipped withámagnetic platens, new toátheáblow moulding sector, making mould change operations simple, quick andásafe. Witháonly 37ámmáofáthickness added byátheámagnetic platen, this systemáis suitable forámoulds ofáany shape andásize andádoes notárequire any specialámodification ofátheámachine. Theámagnetic platens are sized according toátheáweight ofátheámoulds andátheáopening force. Two centering ôVö slots allow theámould toábe repositioned quickly andáináexactly theásame position.

It is obviously no longer necessary toáuse screws andábolts toámount theámould onto theámachine: theáoperator is able toácomplete theáoperation ináaáfew minutes inátotalásafety. Theásystemáis particularly usefuláwhen coupled witháquick air, water andáhydraulic connections, soáthatátheáentire tooláchange process is further accelerated. Theáabsence ofámoving mechanicaláparts eliminates any problemáofáwear even when there are frequent changes: theásystemáis therefore maintenance-free, guaranteeing absolute reliability overátime.

Ináaddition toáreducing theátooláchange time, theáuse ofámagnetic platens also has aápositive impact onásafety: theáreduction ofámanualáactivities duringámould changing reduces theáincidence ofácrush orácut injuries.

Theámagnetic platens mounted onáST blow moulding machines are characterized byámagnetic adhesion botháonátheámould side andáonátheáside ofátheámachine platens. Theáadhesion is therefore optimised acrossátheáplaten surface, withoutáflexing andádeformation duringátheámoulding phases (asáopposed toátraditionaláscrew anchoring systems, which only hold theámould atácertain points). Theátwo half-moulds are perfectly aligned andáconsequently friction onátheáclamping platens is eliminated.

Allámagnetic platen controls have been integrated intoátheámachine software andáis monitored via aáEuromap 70.1áconnection, exceptáforátheáplaten magnetization andáde-magnetization, which is controlled byáanáindependent safety controlápanel.

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