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Braskem Creates Wecycle Platform to Promote Circular Economy of Plastics

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To reinforce its commitment to the development of sustainable solutions in the plastics chain, Braskem announces the creation of the Wecycle Recycling & Platform area within the structure of the Polyolefins Unit of South America and Europe.

Recycling Plastics with Value

The new area aims to reinforce Braskem's strategic positioning and leverage the encouragement of initiatives, businesses and sustainable solutions related to the circular economy of plastics, in particular to recycling, as well as to manage the institutional and regulatory aspects relating to the subject.

An executive with extensive experience in the petrochemical industry, Fabiana Quiroga will lead the area. With more than 15 years at Braskem, it has worked in legal and regulatory activities, supporting the search for business solutions for the industrial, commercial, Innovation & Technology, and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) areas, as well as the evaluation of Recycling value chain and existing models.

Commitment Towards Work

Edison Terra, Vice President of the Polyolefins Unit for South America and Europe, said:
"This initiative demonstrates Braskem's commitment to work on the development of technologies, solutions and programs that benefit the plastic production chain and, subsequently, society as a whole. There is no way to do this without addressing recycling and the circular economy.”

Learn More About the Wecycle Platform

Under the leadership of Fabiana Quiroga, the Wecycle platform provides for the development of products with:
  • Post-consumer recycled content
  • Process qualification
  • Technical reliability
Wecycle platform focuses on the valorization of post-consumer waste and the recycling chain, with lower environmental impact and social responsibility actions. The initiative involves the partnership with different stakeholders in the sector, such as brand owners, processing and recycling companies, and waste picker cooperatives.

One of Wecycle's results so far has been the production by Braskem of quality polypropylene and polyethylene resins, produced with recycled content, from reliable sources and with traceability of the entire recycling chain. Companies such as the GPA Group and Muzzicycles are already partners of the platform.
Source: SpecialChem

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