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 EVENTSEVENTS. Polyolefins 2017 -  VII  International conference
19 Sep - 19 Sep 2017  Russia, Moscow  
Polyolefins 2017 -  VII  International conference

Polyolefins 2017 - VII International conference


The event is aimed to provide the business community a platform to discuss major industry issues, considering the current state of the market and trends of its development, provide opportunities for exchange of experience and information on the main players in the market. The past in the period 20112016 the conference showed the importance and relevance of the event among the business community.

The proportion of polyolefins (polyethylene and polypropylene) in the plastics industry remains the leading and is about 40%.

In 2016 the polyethylene remained in deficit: the demand exceeded supply by 15%; the polypropylene in 2016, was in surplus: supply exceeds demand by 19.5%

Polyolefins ensure the functioning of many modern sectors: construction, General engineering, automotive, electronics and electrical engineering, medicine, light industry, packaging etc.

Polymeric materials, including polyolefins, occupy an increasingly important place in our lives.

Commissioning of new capacities for production of polyolefins by 2020, will expand the offer to more than 2 million tons., that changes the priority of problems in the functioning of the market.

What is the number of polyolefins will be able to consume the internal market by 2020. At what rate it is necessary to develop the industry for the processing of polyolefins. The importance of export orientation and import substitution the Russian polyolefins.

As Russian producers of polyolefins, along with the increase in production volumes considering the qualitative aspects of production: the expansion of the species and the nomenclature range of products.

Planned reports of the leading producers of polyolefins and large customersrecyclers of polyolefins.

Main topics:

The current state of the markets of polyolefins and development prospects according to the development Plan of gas-petrochemical industry of Russia for the period till 2030;

Stability of inter-industry linkages of producers of polyolefins industries with consumers;

Processing of polyolefins is a driver for the development of polyolefin materials;

Change of priorities in materials science in connection with the specific demand of individual consumers (polyolefins with desired properties, composite materials, copolymers);

Supplements to improve the quality characteristics of polyolefins;

Innovation in the market of polyolefins

Price trends for polyolefins;

Supply of equipment for processing polyolefins.

Expected reports from leading market players: producers, processors, traders.
We invite representatives of federal and regional authorities, industrial companies, leading foreign companies, vertically integrated structures, traders and supply companies, investment companies and banks, state and regional authorities, industry and academic institutions, industrial parks and special economic zones, the media.

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