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 EVENTSEVENTS. 7-th Russian Kargin Conference
13 Jun - 17 Jun 2017  Russia, Moscow  
7-th Russian Kargin Conference

7-th Russian Kargin Conference "Polymers — 2017"

Organizers:Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow state University. Lomonosov
Subject:The scientific program of the conference includes the priority directions of chemistry and physics of polymers. Working language of conference — Russian.

The conference will be attended by up to 700 scientists from institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, scientific-engineering and technological centers.

The conference was held with the support:
  • Tosohbioscience
  • Bruker
  • LG
  • NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH
  • CZL
  • Agilent Technologies
  • SocTrade
  • Lumiprobe
  • RFFI
  • FizLabPribor
  • Promenergolab
In the framework of the Karginskaya of the conference will be held:

  • School for young scientists "Polyelectrolyte system." The theme of this scientific event covers all aspects of polyelectrolytes: synthesis of polyelectrolytes of different architecture, experimental and theoretical studies of self-organization processes involving polyelectrolytes polyelectrolytes for medicine and nanobiotechnology. The school will be submitted to review scientific reports of leading Russian and foreign scientists. The working language is English.
  • The young scientists ' contest in which young scientists (under 35 years) will present scientific papers selected by the program Committee. The best oral and poster presentations of young scientists will be awarded prizes.

The conference will consist of plenary talks by leading scientists in the areas of chemistry and physics of polymers.

  • Synthesis and modification of polymers
  • Functional polymers for energy, electronics, Photonics, membrane technology
  • Solutions of polymers and polyelectrolytes, polymers in biology and medicine
  • Structure and properties of polymeric materials
  • Theory and modelling of polymer systems
Plenary speakers:

Bobrovsky A. Yu.
"Liquid crystal polymers and composites for Photonics"

Gallyamov M. O.
"Solvents based on CO2 under high pressure as applied to polymeric materials"

Ivanov D. A.
"The combination of ultra-fast calorimetry with micro - and nano-focus x-ray scattering for the study of fast processes of structure formation in polymer systems"

Kramarenko E. Yu.
"Magnetoactive elastomers: current state and prospects of development"

Lyulin S. V.
"Computer simulation of thermoplastic polymers"

Dr. Muzafarov Aziz M.
"Polymethylsiloxane a branched functional oligomer is a versatile instrument for obtaining of hybrid polymer materials of new generation"

Novakov I. A., M. A. Vaniev
"Success in the creation of the Arctic elastomeric materials"

Potemkin I. I.
"The unusual properties of "normal" polymer microgels"

Sukhorukov, G. B.
"Multifunctional systems of delivery of biologically active compounds on the basis of polyelectrolyte layers"

Sheiko S. S.
"Elastomer Genome: Reverse Engineering of Living Tissue"

Yudin V. E.
"Polymer composites: development, properties and application prospects"

Yaroslavov A. A.
"Multilateralne containers based on polymers"

Shibaev V. P.
"Plastic school V. A. Kargin"
Address:Leninskie Gory, 1, bld. 3, Moscow, Russia
Phone:тел.: +7(495)9395406
Website : 7-th Russian Kargin Conference E-mail : 7-th Russian Kargin Conference

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