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 EVENTSEVENTS. Polymers in Automotive Industry 2017 - International Conference
19 May - 19 May 2017  Russia, St Petersburg  
Polymers in Automotive Industry 2017 - International Conference

Polymers in Automotive Industry 2017 - International Conference

The car sales in Russia fell by 11% in 2016, but this decrease can even be interpreted positively: the previous year sales plummeted 30%. Only time will show, whether the decline slowing down is a long-term trend or not. Meanwhile, the car producers are expecting the worst and are trying to cut costs: optimizing operations and even closing down the assembly lines. As a result, operation rates may be as low as 40-45% this year.

The state support is the important condition for keeping the demand at least at the minimum level. The Government will prolong subsidies to the car industry this year; a new dedicated Department of Automotive Industry was established at the Ministry of Industry and Trade in late 2016. Its main goal is to develop the revised strategy for development of automotive industry until 2025. Currently there are two pre-approved areas of support: export promotion and stimulation of automotive components production. However, the experts argue that the role of government in stabilizing the situation in the Russian automotive industry may be too big. Would this bring certain threats to the independence of the market in future?

The components production in Russia is certainly developing, but the main input is done by the localized international companies. There are not so many Russian companies that can meet the requirements of automotive majors. The main problems of the market include low investment in modernization, narrow and expensive choice of composite materials, and the absence of a certification center locally. Is it possible to establish homologation center in Russia? What should be done for that?

The following topics will be discussed at «Polymers in Automotive Industry 2017» Conference:

Automotive market
• overview of Russian car, trucks and light commercial vehicles market
• production and import volumes, situation in the market
• state support and its effectiveness

Components market
• overview of Russian automotive components market
• prospects for Russian producers of automotive components
• choosing optimal development strategy

Raw materials supply
• polymer feedstock grades offered in the market in 2017
• overview of composite materials market for automotive production in Russia
• volumes of composites consumption in various car parts (interior, exterior)
Address:Kempinski Hotel Moika 22, St Petersburg
Phone:+7 (495) 276-77-88, 797-49-07
Website : Polymers in Automotive Industry 2017 - International Conference E-mail : Polymers in Automotive Industry 2017 - International Conference

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