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 EVENTSEVENTS. RPET and Recycled Plastics 2017 - International Conference
17 Feb - 17 Feb 2017  Russia, Moscow  
RPET and Recycled Plastics 2017 - International Conference

RPET and Recycled Plastics 2017 - International Conference

INVENTRA has the pleasure of inviting you to the Third International «RPET and Recycled Plastics 2017» Conference. Recycling waste in general and plastics in particular is for long a serious and established business in many countries around the world. The rate of recycling for certain types of plastics in Europe stands at approximately 80%.

Out of 60 million tons of annual volume of household waste in Russia, only about 10% is recycled. The reasons for low collection and recycling rates are undeveloped infrastructure and imperfect regulation. The lack of well-established collection system leads to higher cost of waste treatment, and the use of a high-cost recycled material becomes not feasible for small and medium-sized plastics converting companies.

However, in the situation when prices are growing for virgin feedstock and finished products such as polyester fiber (which is produced from both virgin and recycled PET), the demand for recycled plastic feedstock and products may grow, too.

Over the past few years, several important legal acts regulating the industry, have been adopted or are under discussion. For instance, obligatory separation of municipal solid waste is planned before it is stored in landfills. This will certainly have a positive impact on the quality and quantity of raw materials for recycling.

In general, despite all the difficulties, the growth of plastic waste recycling is inevitable. The recycling industry in Russia is still in its infancy, so the market players who are first to invest in the development of the segment, will become the leaders in the future. Which steps should be taken to develop business in plastics recycling, and what is necessary to develop the market? – these are the key topics of the Conference.
Address:Hotel «Baltschug Kempinski Moscow»
Phone:+7 (495) 797-49-07
Website : RPET and Recycled Plastics 2017 - International Conference E-mail : RPET and Recycled Plastics 2017 - International Conference

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