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 EVENTSEVENTS. PU & TPU 2017 - International Conference
27 Feb - 27 Feb 2017  Russia, Moscow  
PU & TPU 2017 - International Conference

PU & TPU 2017 - International Conference

INVENTRA has the pleasure of inviting you to the Tenth International PU & TPU 2017 Conference.
The first steps have been taken towards launching local production of feedstock in the Russian Polyurethane market: the MDI project is now on the import substitution in the chemicals industry plan of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. According to the plan, the share of imported isocyanates will decrease to 6% by 2020, and this would certainly become a positive development for the market. The only problem is the lack of details: who will fulfill the plan, and most importantly, who will invest in this project?

The economic crisis has affected all the segments of PU consumption, but the implications differed. For some segments, it was the shock to the system, and the sharp decline in purchasing power has slowed down consumption in the leading areas of application (automotive, furniture, construction). For other segments, the crisis has stimulated development. For instance, the use of PU in cooling equipment and agriculture is growing due to rising prices for imported materials. Are there other consumption sectors where the demand will grow?

The following topics will be discussed at the Conference:

European and Russian PU markets overview and development outlook
Are the plans to launch local feedstock production real?
Consumption in the main segments: what is the structure, and what are the forecasts?
What are the trends in the PU market in such segments as household appliances, pipe insulation, paints and coatings, and agriculture?
How is the TPU market developing in Russia, and which application areas will be growing most rapidly?
Changes in technical regulation system: how will harmonization of Russian and European standards in construction influence the industry?
Address:Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow
Phone:+7 (495) 797-49-07
Website : PU & TPU 2017 - International Conference E-mail : PU & TPU 2017 - International Conference

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